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All India level International Scholastic Talent Test (ISTT) Scholarship Examination, the first place winner and gold medalist ‘SHIRIN MOHAMED IBRAHIM’ receiving the prize from Prof.Abdul Hameed (IAME State President)

Star Girl (kalathilakam) of IAME State Level Arts Fest ‘FATHIMA SAHLA. P.S’ receiving the prize from Prof.Abdul Hameed (IAME State President).
Rafeeq usthad’s Motivation class

An enrichment session _ 2018
Mr.Jalaals class for Xth students and parents

Albab Central school celebrated 69th Republic day with great patriotic fervor and gaiety.The day started by invoking blessings from the almighty through Fathiha by Master Abdul warris.The customary tradition of unfurling the tricolour national flag was done by our Administrative Manager Mr.Yasir sir and talked about Republic day.MPTA president Mr.Azad.H talked on the values that children should imbrabe in their life.The patriotic feeling in all of us were raised by hearing the patriotic song from X C students.The vote of thanks was given by our Vice Principal,Mrs Smitha shijil through a message to the children on how to become a good citizen by doing their duties in school life.The Republic day celebration ended with the National anthem.Sweets are distributed among all.


The Annual Day is a perfect venue for children to instill positive values, recognize their abilities and talents, through an array of entertaining programmes.Albab Central school celebrated its 14th annual cultural Extravaganza on Tuesday, 23rd January 2018 amidst great zest, vibrancy and elation. The programme commenced at 10.AM by invoking blessings from the almighty through fathiha by Master Ahammed harif. The school choir welcomed all to the extravaganza with a soulful rendition . Our Administrative Manager Mr.Yasir sir formally welcomed the gathering. presidential Address was given by Mr .C.V.Musthafa  Saquafi  (General Secretary, ACET) Our principal Mr.Sunnichen Mathew sir presented the annual report. He read out the achievements of the school- both academic and co-curricular. The inaugural speech was given by Mr.Manoj Valiyaparambil (Kattoor Panchayat President).The students were awarded certificates and prizes. Prize distribution ceremony was conducted to felicitate and recognise the talent of students in various fields. The annual prize and honour for all the winners and achievers of the school. The felicitation was done by P.A .Sidhique haji (Manager ACET), H Azad (MPTA president), Mohamed Faiz (School Head Boy). The inaugural  ceremony ended with the vote of thanks by our Vice principal Mrs. Smitha Shijil

The cultural show started off with a welcome dance., followed by many enthralling performances of our dear students.The impeccable performance showcased by the students across different grades were very impressive. The extravaganza came to an end at 6:45 PM with the National Anthem. The day ended with every glittering star carrying a feeling of happiness and achievement within itself.

The amazing and colourful items of our show revealed how much our beloved teachers have put in their tireless efforts in making the show a grand success. We express our sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all our students, parents, well wishers, management and non-teaching staffs who took part implicitly and explicitly and without whose help we would not have been in a position to exhibit this programme.


Albab central school conducted a special assembly in connection with Nabidinam, On Thursday 30th November. The celebration started at 9:30 AM by invoking blessing from the almighty. Fathiha was done by Master Ahmed Harif, prayer by master Adithya ,pledge by Master Hamdan Nishad. Our principal MR.Sunnichen Mathew sir gave an introduction of the programme. Nabidinam message was given by Janab Bava Darimi (Chairman ACET) felicitation was done by Janab Siddique Haji. After that students performed some beautiful programmes like speech Arabic song, Qawali, Mappilappattu etc… The programme ended with vote of thanks by Fazal Usthad. Sweets were distributed among the children in connection with nabidhinam.

We were all children once. We all share the desire for the well being of our children which has always been and will continue to be the most universally cherished aspiration of human kind.
Children’s day a day marking childhood celebrated in Albab Central School with great enthusiasm. The children’s day programmes started with a procession. at 9:30 AM. All the children in colourful dresses took part in the procession the special assembly in connection with children’s day started by invoking blessings from the almighty. Through Fathiha by Master Ahamed Hareef, prayer by Miss Nimiya, pledge by Miss Hiba. Our Vice Principal Mrs.Smitha Shijil, formally welcomed the gathering.Our Principal Sunnnichen Mathew sir, gave inaugural speech. felicitation was done by Mr.Azad .H (MPTA PRESIDENT). After this the Xth std students presented a taken of love to our dear principal Mr.Sunnichen Mathew sir. Then prizes were distributed for IAME district level Arts Fest. Then students exhibited their talents through some glittering performances. The children’s day programmes ended with vote of thanks by Alana Ashraf,head girl. Sweets were distributed among the children.
Children created a buzz with their colourful dresses in the school. They celebrated children’s day with great joy.


ALBAB central school conducted annual sports Day on 22nd &23rd November 2017. Ist day was meant for girls and the IInd day for the boys. The competition was between the 4 groups. Marvallous, Excellent, Outstanding & fantastic. The Ist day of sports started at 9:30 am. That day was meant for girls and they took part very actively in all the items. The items were running race, long jump, Discuss throw, shotput etc…
Group come to the top score after girls sports.
The second day is 23rd was meant for Boys, that day the inaugural ceremony was started at 9:30 by invoking blessings from the almighty. The prayer was Done by Master Ahmed Hareef. The welcome speech was given by our principal Mr.Sunnichen Mathew sir. Inauguration was Done by Mr V.A.Narayana Menon .Indian football team coach.Felicitation was given by Mr.Azad.H (MPTA PRESIDENT) Oath talking was done by Afsal +2 after that we had march past of four groups. The cheif guest gave prize for the best march past group. Then there was a free hand exercise programme by that students. The inaugural ceremony enderd with vote of thanks by Mrs Smitha Shijil (Vice Principal ACET)then then the sports items started for boys. The items were Running race, long Jump, etc……the programme end at 3.55 P.M. The outstanding Group come first . The Annual sports day came to an end Successfully.All the students took part with sportsman spirit.

The IAME Football Tournment

IAME Football Tournament was conducted in Albab Central School,Kattoor on13th November 2017. The students from 8 different schools participated in the event (under 14,17&19). The inaugural ceremony started at 10am. Mr.Sunnichen Mathew sir, Principal of Albab Central School, Kicked the football and inaugurated the tournament . All the management members of Albab central school were present on the occasion. After the inaugural ceremony the match started . Students from different schools under different category competed each other in the tournament.

Under 17, IDC Chavakad secured the first place.Madar Public School secured Second place. Mahmoodiya perinjanam secured third place.

Under 14, IDC Chavakad secured the first place. Albab Central School,Kattoor secured the second place.

Under 19, Albab Central School secured the first place. IDC Chavakad secured the second place and Umariyya Public School secured the third place

Mr.Sunnichen Mathew sir, Principal of Albab Central School,Mr.Yasir sir Administrative Manager of Albab Central School, Abdul Rasheed, principal of Mahmoodiya perinjanam, Shukoor Bhukari,Principal of IDC Chavakad were present for the prize distribution. The tournament came to an end at 7 pm with the vote of thanks by Vishnu sir, Physical Education Instructor of Albab Central School.


Parents’ Meet and Training Sessions Health is important for our children to become smart,vibrant and energetic.For this, vaccinations are very important.Measles Rubella vaccine is one among them.The objective of the government was to eliminate Measles and congenital rubella syndrome by 2020 and build up immunity in children aged between nine months and fifteen years. Because of the rumours about the side effect of the vaccine there is a confusion in the minds of parents on whether vaccinate their children or not. Thus inorder to remove this confusion and to help the parents to become more effective ,the Albab Central School organised a parents meet and training sessions on Measles Rubella vaccine and effective parenting on September 26th tuesday. The program started at 2.00PM by invoking the blessings from the almighty through Fathiha by Master Shamil.P.S. Our principal Mr.Sunnichen Mathew sir formally welcomed the gathering and also gave an introduction of the programme.The inaugural speech was given by Janab.Bava Darimi (Chairman ACET). The class on Measles Rubella vaccine given by Mr.Roy Wilfred(Jr. Health Inspector). He asked the parents to give vaccinations to their child on time. He told to the parents that he himself was a living example for the effect of not taking vaccinations on time. He lost his sound because of that. Thus he asked the parents that they need not believe any rumour about the side effects of the vaccine as it was safe and effective. After this there was a prize distribution ceremony.The prizes for district level chess championship and the prize for Mathrubumi smart kid contest were given. The class on effective parenting was given by Mr.Jayakumar sir, Senior police Inspector. He talked detail about the influence of mobile phone and also the influence of family problems on today’s children. He also gave some tips to the children _ give importance to study, leave the bad habits, speak frankly and boldly. After the classes there was doubt clearing session. The training sessions ended with vote of thanks by Janab Azad .H (MPTA president). Report on Medical Camp Inauguration Medical camp in Schools assess normal development of the child. Early detection of disease/ abnormalities, which when treated in time, allows child to lead a normal life. Albab Central School organised a medical camp for the students on September 20th Wednesday. The inaugural ceremony of the medical camp started at 9:30 Am invoking blessings from the almighty through Fathiha by Master Shamil.P.S. Prayer was given by Miss Missiriya. Pledge was given by Miss Aysha Mohammed and welcome address was given by Miss Shahin.K.B. Presidential address was given by Janab Azad.H(MPTA President). The Medical camp inauguration was done by Janab Bava Darimi (Chairman ACET), After the inauguration there was a class for parents about health by Health Department Officials, Mr.Roy Wilfred Jr. Health Inspector and Mr.Rathish, Jr.Health Inspector. The class was very informative.Inaugural ceremony concluded up with the vote of thanks by Miss Alana Ashraf, Head Girl.After this the students who gave the consent to attend the medical camp were taken to that place. The doctors checked the students. Necessary medical advice and precautionary measures were given to the students. Medical camp in Schools helps the parents and children to recognize and manage basic health problems of school children. Thus Albab Central School also has paved a good opportunity for the parents and students through this medical camp and it was successful.

In connection with ‘Paryatan Parv’ we have conducted different programmes in our School. Different activities were given to students according to their categories. Category 1 :- For (Classes 1-4)have conducted a drawing competition on the topic “The favourite place you have visited”. For answering the active involvement of all students, drawing materials were given by the school. All students enjoyed the session by making it colourful. Their pictures were the evidence of their observation skill, imaginative power and creativity.Best two pictures were given prizes. Category 2:– For (Classes 5-7) a drama competition was conducted based on “Tourism”.Ten teams participated in it. They proved that the unity and team work can make every event a grand success. All students actively participated in it. While some were involved in Script Writing, Some others were carrying about costume and makeup. Twelve students from each team acted on the stage;rest were busy with arrangements. Each team completed each other and performed very nicely to convey the message of preserving nature. Category 3:– For (classes 8-10) were given the task of Debate on the topic – “Tourism and Drug Abuse”. Debate was conducted in class level and its final was presented on stage in the presence of audience. It was highly informative in the sense that they were highlighting the newgen tendency to imitate the western culture and practices at the cost of moral values, peaceful mind and family life, and above all Indian culture. On the other hand they revealed the scope of increasing inflow of foreign currency to India. Category 4:-For ( Class XI-XII) Students were assigned with seminar presentation On Tourism. All the students contributed their points to prepare a good seminar report. Four boys and two girls presented it in an effective manner in the presence of teachers. They have touched almost all field of tourism. They have started their presentation by the mind blowing talent to evoke the imaginative skill of audience – it was such an explanation about the aesthetic service of nature. Later they explained about the scope of tourism in creating employment opportunities, foreign exchange earnings, related growth of different sectors, associated development in various field etc. At the same time,they gave stress on the causes to be taken by tourism department to protect our nature and to save our young generation from associated evils. The seminar was highly informative and interactive. Students were given chance to clear their doubts regarding its scope and responsibility of students about the felt need of hygiene, cleanliness, need of developing good manners, tolerance and hospitality to attract more foreigners to India by keeping India Eco-Friendly. Onam and Bakrid Celebration When a malayalee hears the word ‘Onam’ the experience is like the simultaneous advent of a thousand spring seasons in the heart. Onam also reminds us to cultivate selfless devotion, a charitable nature, self sacrifice etc…. Bakrid is one of the most important Muslim festivals.Bakrid is celebrated as a festival of sacrifice all over the world. Albab central School celebrated Onam and Bakrid together in the School premises amidst much fanfare involving students, staff and management of the school. The celebration started with setting up of an attractive floral decoration (pookalam) that was reminiscent of the agrarian past of Kerala, which turned out to be attractive and mesmerizing and took everyone into a world of festivity and fun. The programmes started at 9:30 am with school assembly. The welcome address was given by Mrs.Haseena Jamal, Inaugural speech was given by Janab Azad.H (MPTA President). Bakrid message was given by Janab Bava Darimi (Chairman), Vice Chairman Janab Abdullakutty Haji done the inauguration of surveillance Camera in our school. Principal Sunnichen mathew sir gave the Onam message. Our students performed various programmes like speech about Onam and Bakrid, Mapilapattu, GroupSong, Recitation etc on the stage. On stage programmes ended with vote of thanks by Mrs.Shiny Lalu, programme convenor. The most impressive part of the Onam celebration is the grand feast called “Onasadya”. It was arranged in every class. After this many off-stage programmes like lemon spoon race, Passing the ball, Cycle slow race, smiling competition, Mehandi Designing etc were arranged for the students to participate and enjoy themselves. Traditional games like Tug of war and Uriyadi added to the zest of the celebration. The whole Albab family took initiative for organizing the event and for making the programme a memorable and successful one. Independence Day Every citizen of India is well aware that 15th August is the day when India got its Independence from British rule to become a free country .The day is celebrated all over India with unity and great patriotism. Albab Central School also celebrated India’s 71 st Independecnce day. We started the programme at 9.30AM. Mr.Parameswran Nair sir was our chief guest of the day.The whole Albab family felt proud to get such an eminent Personality as chief guest. He was a contemporary of British period and he experienced India’s struggle towards freedom. All the students stood round the flag pole.The teachers stood behind them. First we had the traditional and auspicious flag hoisting ceremony. To commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, the chief guest unfurled the tri colour flag and all in unison saluted the flag and expressed the joy of our freedom. After that National Anthem was sung and took pledge. The students of choir group sang the patriotic song that awakened everyone’s feelings towards our motherland. Then sweets were distributed among students, teachers, parents and all non-teaching staffs. After this all the students moved towards the stage for the inauguration ceremony. There the programme started with fathiha. The welcome address was given by the head girl Alana Ashraf. Independence Day programme inauguration was done by Janab. P.B Muhammed Kutty Haji sir [CEO]. The inauguration was done in a different way using chemicals under the guidance of science department. That was indeed a very beautiful moment. Inaugural speech was given by Mr. Paremeswaran Nair sir. He spoke about the condition of people during British rule and supreme sacrifice the great martyrs gave for the sake of freedom. Janb Bava Darimi sir [chairman] Mr. Sunnichen Mathew sir [Principal] Janab H.Azad [MPTA President] gave the message. Inaugural programme concluded up with the vote of thanks by Vijeesh sir . Then followed a rainbow of cultural programmes like dance by KG students, skit, which the new light on the condition of people during British period and Gandhiji’s movements towards freedom. Fancy dress by KG student who dressed up as little Gandhiji,quiz competition, patriotic song competition which held group wise. Social science department had arranged a movie show for the students in respect to Independence day. The students moved class wise to watch the movie. Prizes were distributed among the students by Mr.Sunnichen Mathew sir for the speech competition and national flag making competition which held prior the Independence day. The Independence day programmes come to an end at 1:30PM. All the programmes ran smoothly, with the co-operation of whole Albab family. Indeed it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and make it a better place for Indians to live and experience the freedom, peace and unity in diversity.


The school youth festival makes a platform for the students to exhibit their talents.The Albab central school conducted it’s 14th youth festival in the month of July 2017.

The School youth festival was conducted with students from four different house groups [fantastic, Marvellous, Outstanding, Excellent] competing in a variety of off stage and on stage items incorporating their creative talents. The off stage items like pencil drawing, versification, story writing etc were conducted before the on stage items. The on stage items like recitation,elocution,group dance etc were conducted in two days . The first day was meant for boys and the second day for girls.By providing encouraging environment the students are mentored to participate in a variety of competitions.

On the first day of our youth festival ie. on 26th July, we had the inaugural ceremony at 10 AM. It is mark of our undying tradition to invoke the almighty at the beginning of an important event.So we started our day with Fathiha by Master Muhamed Jassim. We welcomed our chief guest Mr. JayaKumar Senior Police Officer of Kattoor police station with great pleasure. The other dignitaries on the dias were Mr.Sunnichen Mathew (principal) Janab Bava Darimi (Chairman), Janab Muhammed Kutty Haji (CEO) Hameed T.A [MPTA President]

Our Dear principal Mr.Sunnichen Mathew sir gave the welcome address for all those who were present. Janab Bava Darimi gave the presidential address ,felicitation was given by Janab Muhammed Kutty Haji, and Hameed T.A , vote of thanks by Smitha Shijil [Vice Principal]

After the inaugural ceremony a rain bow of programmes were begin in four stages to entertain with the enthralling performances of our participants. Next day ie on 27th July is meant for girls. The programmes started at 9:30AM and at 4 PM the youth festival of the academic year 2017-18 came to an end. All the students who participated showed their talents with illuminating performances . Among the whole program the most colourful item was the group dance. The young dancers performed with peerless grace and diversity.

All the programmes ran smoothly as planned. We achieved this because of the whole hearted co-operation of the entire Albab family ,especially the group teachers , stage in charges, students and all those who implicitly or explicitly became the part of this event to make this program successful .The colours of this event embellished us all together. The programme was full of exuberance and excitement .It created some beautiful memories for all.


Albab Central School graduation day ceremony of the new academic year was conducted on 12th June 2017 in the school auditorium.

The programme started with Fathiha by Master Jassim K . J at 10 AM.School choir had done the welcome song.The principal of Albab Central School Mr.Sunnichen Mathew did the welcome and congratulated the students,teachers and parents for the excellent result of the public examination 2017.Inauguration of the programme was done by Adv.Thomas Unniyadan(Ex.Chief Whip).It was Mr.Abdullakutty Haji(Acting Chairman ACET Kattoor) who had done the cardinal address.The award distribution started at 10.30 AM by Adv. Thomas Unniyadan followed by

Janab P .I. Shamsudheen(Vice chairman ACET Kattoor)

Janab P . B . Muhammedkutty Haji(CEO ACET Kattoor)

C .V .Musthafa Saquafi(Secratery ACET Kattoor),

N .A .Muhammed Rafeeq Saquafi(secretary ACET Kattoor)

Janab Sidhique Haji(Treasurer ACET Kattoor).

Felicitation started at 11.30 AM by

(i)Janab T. A . Hameed(M.P.T.A President ACET Kattoor) with his valuable advice to all the children.He congratulated the winners.

(ii) Mr.Anil kumar the parent of Anusree XII who got full A+ in science shared his happiness in the occasion and blessed all children with his great pleasure.

(iii) Mrs.Kulsu Ashraf the parent of Alana Asharaf( class x) shared her experiences with teachers and the school during this occasion and blessed all the children.

(iv) Janab Usman the grand parent of Maleeha(class x) shared his life experiences and congratulated the winners.

Vote of thanks was done by Mrs.Smitha Shijil the Vice principal of Albab Central School.She showed her great gratitude towards the people gathered and wished the winners the best in their life.

KG OPENING DAY(07-06-2017)

K G classes started on 7th June 2017,Wednesday at 9.30 AM. The blooming buds of Albab family was given a warm welcome.
KG section was decorated by the teachers and was glittering with the arrival of the K G students on their first day.Before we started with our session our UKG student Muhammed Salahudhin Kais did the Fathiha, and pleaded the almighty to shower his abundant blessings on the students,teachers and parents who had gathered on the beginning of their school life.
After that our K G choir Athulya,Zaina and Fathima Raihan sang the prayer song.The blooming buds of Albab family was given a warm welcome by the school principal Mr.Sunnichen Mathew. Our Manager Siddik Haji gave the blooming buds Akshara Vidya by writing an alphabet with each student on the slate.Then the teachers introduced themselves to the parents.Finally the session came to an end by vote of thanks delivered by Misha Mujeesh.The students were given some gifts such as pencil,rubber etc. as a token of love and appreciated by the management. PARENTS MEETING(5-06-2017) On June 5th Monday, there was a meeting for KG parents. The meeting started at 10.30 AM. The meeting started with the prayer to Almighty by our student Mohammed Salahudhin Kais,for showers of blessing from the Almighty God.Students of K G, Atulya,Zaina and Fathima Raihan sang the prayer song.Even the welcome speech was done by our little blooming bud Ms.Afiya Mizaj. Presidential address was delivered our loving principal Mr.Sunnichen Mathew. The inaugural speech was provided by our Acting Chairman Janab Abdullakutty Haji. Adv.Navas .O.B gave his good wishes to all the students and their parents. Our counselor Mrs.Sreejitha gave away a valuable talk to all the parents on”Effective Parenting”.General instructions to the parents was given by Mary teacher,our K.G Head.Our student Ms.Misba Mujeesh thanked one and all for their support and everything came to an end by 12.30PM.


June 5th, the World Environment day was celebrated in the school under the leadership of General science and Eco club members of the school.A whole day programme was conducted in the school.The morning assembly included with Environment day’s message, oath taking and other related programme of the environment day.

The club conducted various competitions.For students for classes I to IV drawing and colouring and for V to VII poem writing competitions were conducted.Students actively participated in the programme and the winners were awarded.

At 12 ‘O’clock the higher class students gathered in the KG Auditorium for the Environment day class.The class was conducted by Mr.Plavu Jayan, an environmentalist who is worked for the efficient production of more and more Jack fruit trees.The gathering was welcomed by Miss.Shehin K.B,the school head girl.Felicitation was delivered by Adv.Navas,the leader of MARKK, a UK based company. He introduced foreign plants named ‘Raihan and Gargeer’ and handed over to the Eco club.These plants were planted in the campus by the chief guest and by the principal Mr.Sunnichen Mathew.

The gratitude was expressed to by Miss.Aisha.The Environment day celebration, thereby created a general awareness among the students and other members of the school.June 5th became a marvelous and memorable day for everyone of Albab Campus.



INSIGHT 2017,a Science cum SUPW Exhibition of Albab Central School Kattoor was held on 31-01-2017. The inaugural session started at 10 AM with Fathiha by school leader Mohammed Jassim. The gathering was welcomed by the principal Mr.Sunnichen Mathew.The event was inaugurated by the chairman of Albab Educational Trust, Janab Bava Darimi by a colourful experiment of making Elephant’s Toothpaste.It was mind blowing inauguration.

All the students actively participated in the exhibition. Everything was arranged in various classrooms by the students under the supervision of concerned class teachers and assistant teachers.There was a wholehearted support from the parents to encourage the students.The whole day was volunteered by the MPTA Executive committee members of the school. The exhibition programme was concluded by 3PM by expressing sincere heartfelt gratitude to everyone concerned.


The 68th Republic day celebration in the school started at sharp at 9.00am in the presence of management members, principal,teachers and students.The programme started with official prayer which was followed by flag hoisting ceremony by principal Mr. Sunnichen Mathew.The school principal delivered a special message regarding the importance of the day.The programme continued with a speech from school head girl,Shehin .K.B. Master Hritik of class X took the national pledge for the day.The programme was concluded by Mrs.Haseena Jamal who delivered the vote of thanks to the gathering present there. IAME THRISSUR ZONE ATHLETIC MEET 2016-17 IAME Thrissur zone Athletic meet was conducted on 3rd December 2016.The meet was hoisted by Mahmoodiya English School Perinjanam. Mr.Sunnichen Mathew,Principal of Albab inaugurated the event and received the “Guard of honour”. Albab Central School became the overall champion of the meet.

IAME DISTRICT ARTS FEST (1-12-2016) IAME Kerala Sahodaya school complex Thrissur District Arts Fest 2016 was conducted at Albab Central School .More than 1000 students participated in 80 events of six categories. The Arts Fest was inaugurated by Mr.Abdul Rasheed(General convenor of IAME,Thrissur Zone).Mr.Sunnichen Mathew,Principal of Albab Central School delivered the welcome speech.The meeting was presided by Janab C.V.Musthafa Saquafi (IAME Thrissur District President).Mr.Muhammedkutty Haji (CEO,Albab Central School),Janab P.A.Siddique Haji(Manager,Albab Central School),Mr.T.S.Hameed(MPTA President,Albab Central School) were presented there.Awards were distributed by CEO of Albab Mr.Muhammedkutty Haji. General convener of IAME Mr.Abdul Rasheed and MPTA President of Albab Central School Mr.T.S.Hameed..Over all championshi