“Experiment is the Interpreter of Nature. Experiment never deceives. It is our judgement which sometimes deceives itself. Because it expects result? which experiment refuses”
Experiments and activities are the most important ingredients of teaching-learning process in Physics. Students are always curious for getting new knowledge. Laboratory is the best place, where they can understand the phenomenas from observations by doing experiments. Here in Albab the department of Science has arranged a well equipped Physics lab with all equipments according to their new syllabus. At a time, more than 20-25 students can do the experiments. The lab is very much spacious and all the instruments are maintained properly.

Science is a very useful and fascinating subject. In this age of knowledge, a person who is indifferent to Science and lack scientific temper will get left far behind in the race. Laboratories are considered as an important constituent of the studies. They help -the students to conduct experiments and make science learning more interesting. We are having a well equipped and spacious Chemistry lab to help our students to understand the mystery behind the theories in their text. Al! the needed equipments, chemicals electronic balance etc are helping the students to get accurate results. We have also installed gas connection in the lab. Each child is getting an opportunity to do the experiments individually and help them to develop their scientific skills.


‘Experience is the best teacher’. For a student who is learning Biology, the laboratory is the best place where he can understand d and learn things in a better way. Here Albab is having a well equipped Biology lab with all the facilities. At a time some 20-25 students can do the practicals easily. To add this, there are around 70 specimens, a human skeleton, 10 microscopes and a lot of charts. The lab is having sufficient Sight and there is also the facility for water.