Students and parents / guardians shall adhere strictly to the rules and regulations noted here, which may be modified from time to time. Any breach of these rules shall lead to serious consequences such as warning, fine, suspension, dismissal or compulsory issue of T.C. depending on the severity of the misconduct. The principal’s decision in this regard shall be final binding on the student/ parent/ guardian
1. The school works from 9.20 a.m. to 3.45 p.m. On all working days pupils should reach the school on time.
2. They are to line up for the morning assembly at the stroke of the first bell at 9.20 a.m. Classes begin at 9.30 a.m.
3. English should be spoken in the school premises to acquire proficiency in the language.
4. Pupils should be in prescribed uniform on all working days. Neatness in all respects is insisted on. Uniform should be clean and well pressed.
5. Pupils have to bring with them all the necessary books and other things they need at school.
6. Pupils must form up in queue while moving out of class rooms and getting on and off the school bus.
7. While getting about along the road, pupils must strictly follow the rules of the road.
8. Pupils ought to be obedient and respectful to their parents, guardians and teachers.
9. Pupils are to emulate the best among them. They must be friendly considerate and cooperative with one another.
10. It is inevitable that parents and guardians have an eye on their wards. Set for them a time table and regulate their studies home. Self help is the best help; and God helps those who help themselves.
11. In the absence of a teacher, the class is expected to remain disciplined and silent under the guidance of the class leader and no student be seen loitering about during class hours.