Dear Friends,
Albab Central School is a dream that has become a reality and from its very start. It has been fulfilling the aspirations of the parents yearning for better educational opportunities for their wards and hence marks the emergence of a new dawn in the annals of learning. Now it gets more golden feathers on its cap with the inauguration of the new K.G. Block entirely for the tiny tots to enable them to live like kings and queens in this Kingdom and the Plus 2 Block.

Albab Central School, within a short span of 10 years, has become a school of public appreciation in every respect especially in the District of Thrissur. Now it has classes from K.G. to Plus 2, received states NOC, and received CBSE’s Composite Affiliation, with Reg. No.930673. It is owned and managed by Albab Charitable Educational Trust with Reg. No. 60/2004, whose members are really committed for the cause of education and spare no rod for the conversion of the school in to the “Centre of Excellence” with motto of “Excellence Through Perseverance”

Education is meant to mould an individual to function effectively as a fruitful social being and a useful citizen. This calls for a process of identifying the strength, and potentials of each child and assisting him or her to develop the potential to the optimum level, enabling him/her to achieve human excellence. This process is taking place here, with the help the user friendly infrastructure of the School. The teachers are trained and motivated to become, “Applied Scientists” and “Therapists” to provide maximum help and concern for the children who are put under their care.

Everyone in the modern world is complaining about the depreciation in the overall value system and quality of life at all levels in the society. A distinct and clear full leaning towards excessive consumerism, personal and selfish motives have really affected our educational and noble ways of life of our ancestors. Hence necessary corrective measures are introduced here in Albab School to enhance the value and quality of life of the students to make optimum use of the potential that this new millennium has in store for us. Hence Albab gives maximum importance for the spiritual, moral and emotional well being of all the children here.

We try to convince, the children of Albab of our indigenous knowledge and provide them with necessary skills and competencies to bring about a harmonious synthesis of our knowledge as a resource. Knowledge that can be created, augmented, renewed, and can compensate for the absence of other resources. For all the developments has become knowledge intensive.

The requirement of this century is generators, creators and promoters of knowledge, which can be done only with the help of quality education. The emphasis will be not on physical tangible assets, but on intangible knowledge assets, for which the process is taking place in Albab.

In Albab School, education is used as a motive force, which will enable students to pursue knowledge relentlessly in his or her field. Learning and improvement are continuous affairs and education should enable a person to be physically fit, mentally alert and spiritually active which in the long run lead to the development of the personality of all the students of Albab. It is an inspiring story of how children who are usually obliged to be passive recipients of knowledge and wisdom under traditional chalk-n-talk pegagogies, can transform in to change agents in their local communities, and in the process discover the joy and purpose of learning.

Children in our school are convinced of the fact that the world of success is always open to the keen, dynamic, confident and courageous youth. All we need is a positive attitude and forceful personality to break the fate of our bad luck and tough competition for in reality “the altitude determines the attitude. Let us keep fighting, running, working and we will win for none can stop you from success when we are determined for it. If you think, you will win, you will certainly win. You have to think big and think high to lead and succeed. With all the warm wishes and greetings of a bright, happy prosperous years to come.

MPhil, LLB, PhD