We are lucky to have a very good well equipped and furnished computer laboratory for our school. There are around 20 computers and one LCD Projector. Here children are getting enough opportunities to visit the lab and do the practicals. Each student is getting the chance to work on the computer. There is computer aided teaching and learning from KG onwards.
The computer lab is so spacious as to accomodate 60 students at a time. Now the computer lab is equipped with 20 computers and are going to install more computers. An LCD projector helps the teacher to take classes to a group and to give instructions. After the correct directions given, students use the computers on their own. From KG standard onwards students are taken to the computer lab and are doing the computer practicals in the lab. Not only the computer teachers but also all the other subject teachers are also taking the classes using LCD projector. And the computer lab stands as a mediator which helps to make the teaching – learning process easy and comfortable.