Albab Kindergarten has a special way of training the children to read and write effortlessly. The children are always happy. All the teachers have received special training to deal with the children in a loving, caring and compassionate way. They can assess at an early stage whether a child may have learning problems in a later stage or not. Based on this they are in a position to give remedial measures for it. Albab KG has every week a nature walk to a nearby area to observe the realities of life and a sense of awareness of the environment. This nature walk inculcates in a child to take proper care of our environment and how to maintain it properly in eco-friendly atmosphere. They learn easily on observation and personal experience. We have water, sand and day pool to improve their writing skills colours and shapes skills. We too have digital classrooms to keep the children update in all areas of academic with the help of Audio Visual Monitors. We have for the children craft and manipulative training. Thus Albab Children’s Village is a, place of spontaneous learning through joyful and jovial activities