A library is considered as a store house of knowledge and information. It is very useful to everyone those who have the thirst for knowledge. We can get all types of information from here. Our’s is a computerized library, with lot of reference books and so on. There are separate reading corners for each subject. There are about 10,000 books here and special magazines are there for our little ones too. The library is spacious and well furnished. Two librarians are here to help the children at any time. Besides a number of News papers and magazines are subscribed for the library to keep the visitors to the library, well informed about the latest developments.
A very spacious computerised library is yet another attrac¬tion of Albab. It can accornodate 60 students at a time. It has special areas like Reading zone, Reference zone, Discussion zone like that. Those who are coming for the required purpose can do it to their at most satisfaction. It consists of books of four languages like English, Malayalam, Hindi and Arabic. It includes books which cater to the interest of the students from KG to +2.Even the doubts of the students who are preparing for the entrance examinations can also be clarified with the large number of reference books especially based on the entrance examinations. We encour¬age the students to sponsor at least one book on his/her birthday. So they value the importance of books more than the distribution of sweets on that day. It is a vast source of information area comprising of magazines, reference books, novels, fictions, world classics etc. It promotes the reading habits of the students as the students have to submit a summary of the book which he/she has taken. And the librarian is keeping a record of this