Albab Charitable Educational Trust was established aiming at the all round development in all the levels of spiritual, materialistic, technological service. To fulfill the needs of today’s society the trust decided to start many enterprises through which they can attain their aim. As the first step the Trust decided to start Hospital, English Medium School, Industrial Training Centre, Women Oriented College, Tahfeelul-Quaran, Snehalayam, Dawa College etc.
Albab is a group of selfless minded people who totally devoted their time and energy to help the people to break the fences of dark, illiterate world of exploitation. Albab has constituted a strong system to protect and nurture the younger generation who are wandering without knowing the social values and interests. They will be given proper guidance and will be directed to the right path through which they can develop themselves.
Albab has begun the endeavours like providing better education to give comfort to those who are suffering under poverty and illiteracy, placements to those who have completed their studies etc.
Atleast after many years of hard work and long discussions with experts, Albab School was started on June 3, 2004. We opted for the teaching and learning methods suited to the time and also ahead of the time. We have greatly concentrated on establishing all the most modern technological systems top make the teaching learning process easy and free of tensions. Co-curricular activities are also given equal importance along with the curricular activities.
Albab has taken a very keen interest in supplementing dedicated, sincere and qualified teachers, Computer education to students from LKG onwards under the guidance of expert computer teachers. A very attractive Kindergarten which cater to the happiness and satisfaction of the kids. A well equipped laboratory to explore the students’ inquisitive talents and for doing practicals. A spacious library to gather information on all topics and digital classrooms to provide learning through experiences. By the time students pass out from 10th standard they will get an idea about their future career and they will have built up a definite attitude towards life. Within a short glimpse of time Albab has developed a lot and the encouragement and inspiration poured out by the people from all levels of society gave us the power to move ahead. The parents are showing keen interest to join their children in Albab. We can find it out from the increase in the students’ registration every year.
At present we have our 5th batch of XII and 7th batch of X. Our First batch of X passed out meritoriously during the year 2009-10 and First XII batch passed out with flying colours on 2011-12 . Now we have two streams for class XII.
Till now we managed to have 100% success with the majority of students getting distinction always. The result reflects the academic standard of the institution for which the parents are extremely happy and reveals the dedication, commitment and the missionary zeal of the entire teaching community of the school. In fact the students are trained to become global leaders of tomorrow and that you are going to experience within a few more years, from now.
For Plus 2, the following , Business Studies, Economics , Accountancy & Computer Science
Science with English , Physics, Chemistry, Maths & Biology or Computer Science.
Albab’s journey towards excellence will continue without any obstacle as the Supreme power will show his mercy and kindness to all those who walk on the paths of righteousness and justice.


C.V.Musthafa Saquafi
General Secretary