One of the highlighting features of Albab is its Language Laboratory. The lab has the mechanical devices like headphones, microphones, amplifiers etc. The lab has a console or teacher’s desk which controls all the processes. There are booths of both broadcast type and library type. The lab exercises are designed differently for different levels of instruction. Individual differences are also taken in to account. Some sources are even designed by the teacher catering to the individual differences. The items for exercise are phonetic drill. practice in Intonation, Analogy drill, substitution of vocabulary items, Question forms and Listening to native speeches, dialogue and other communicative tasks. Selection of the appropriate exercise based on the standard, requirements, nature of content etc is also taken into consideration.
The language lab is a very useful support for developing standard in the foreign language. One of the major hindrances in the acquisition of the language is lack of exposure. This can be remedied to a great extent in a language lab. Learners are very much motivated intrinsically and are interested since the process is enjoyable. Learning occurs almost through play-way. As it is self-paced and learner is free to select, meaningful acquisition is possible. Self-correction ensures through learning. The difficult tasks are re – in forced in the lab. The exercises help develop listening and speaking skills with models. Exposure to practice in accent, dialects etc is also possible.