FOR THE YEAR 2017-18

Dear and Respected Chief Guest, Prof.K.U Arunan Master, MLA of Irinjalakuda, Kattoor Panchayat President Mr.Manoj Valiyaparambil, DYSP of Irinjalakuda Mr.Famous Varghese, ACET Chairman Bava Darimi Sir, School Manager Siddhiq Haji, General Secretary Janab Musthafa Saquafi, School Administrative Manager Yasir Sir, MPTA President Janab Azad, other Trust and Development council, MPTA Executive Committee members, Parents, Teachers, Non Teaching Staff, Well Wishers and my dear …., smart, active and vibrant angels of Albab; Good morning to all of you.
I consider this as a special privilege to present before this August Assembly the 14th that is, for 13 years continuously by myself, the annual report of the school. At the outset, let me thank the almighty, omnipotent, omnipresent and yet ever loving and caring God for a very successful passage of another year for all the members of Albab Family. It has been another year of growth, development and achievement for our unique, special and multifaceted school. Apart from academic excellence, the overall development of our students has been our priority, with a special emphasis on spiritual, moral, ethical values and wellbeing. We try to maximize the potential of each child by fostering love of learning in a challenging and balanced environment, so that they muse with nature and chat with confidence. Hence they come to learn and go to serve, and bloom to win and ultimately become a source of happiness and solace for all, especially their parents, teachers etc.
Today’s children are confronted with the new age of information, communication and entertainment. The media world is undergoing massive changes. The twists and turns in the field are mind bogging. Unprecedented changes are taking place at the wink of an eye. Materialistic culture has assumed monstrous proportions. Joint families have become a thing of the past and parents hardly have time for their children. Therefore in spite of getting all material, comforts, today’s youngsters feel hopeless, helpless and distraught and get emotionally imbalanced. Albab plays very pro-active role to save our children from the negative consequence of the pressures of the complex modern living. Education is only a milestone in lives’ journey and the youth has to face the challenges of the stiff and cut throat competition. Knowledge, ideas, planned approach, bold action and help of the teachers with their visionary and missionary spirit enable the students of Albab to get rich diligence in their present and future life.
Albab Central School, became a reality in June 2004, with 156 students, 7 teachers, 9 non teaching staff, now has classes up to Plus 2, with 1283 students, 79 teachers, 5 office staff, 26 Ayahs, 13 drivers thus making 126 staff with almost all the infrastructures required as per the guidelines of CBSE. Albab Central School is a dream that has become a reality. From its very start, it has been fulfilling the aspirations of parents, yearning for better educational opportunities for their wards and hence marks the emergence of a new dawn in the annals of learning. Besides it aims at creating best human beings with values that help the child to strive for a highly civilized and orderly society. It is certainly in these respects that Albab School stands with a special crown among other educational institutions with its vision, “To be one of the best educational institutions in the region as a centre of Excellence”.
We strongly believe that only when education moves along a creative, cultural and developmental path, we can mould the children into exemplary citizens of the world community that the new millennium hopes and looks forward. Only through a child centered education, we can arouse the natural talents, inborn potentialities and capabilities of every child who is uniquely created by God and in fact each child is a gift packet to us. For this in Albab we are following a very rational and systematic staff – students ratio of 1:35, to provide a personal touch, individual attention, substitution of punishment by counseling and to follow effective remedial measures for the so called slow learners.
To help and encourage the children to do only right and useful things, Roll of Honour Chart is followed in every class where all the positive qualities and efforts of the students are properly observed, noticed and duly graded by the teachers every month. The Roll of Honour toppers are encouraged in the assembly with trophies and medals. Albab strongly believes that education should make an individual self reliant, a leader and capable of inspiring and motivating others. It is for the achievement of the above mentioned objectives, here we follow the methods like Juniors Teachers, make creative and innovative school assembly, which is managed by the students themselves, bright students helping the slow learners , systematic writing of the news, introduction of the dictionary culture in every class, activity oriented teaching learning process, making English talking compulsory in the school premises, helping every child to learn the Tense and multiplication Tables by heart, helping the students to follow a systematic Time Table even at home, encouraging others to do right things by correcting the wrong things and so on. Hence it is an educational institution where each child is cared individually. Naturally the dormant talents of each child are awakened and everyone is enabled to become a perfect individual with a global level education. Here the teachers are facilitators, who give necessary guidance to the learners to be self – reliant in their lives; capable and efficient leaders, competent in inspiring and motivating others with the mission of the Institution, “To provide quality education to students and enable them to become ethical and productive citizens to lead the Global Society”.
To make the children aware of all the important National festivals ad celebrations and the rich cultural heritage of the country, Onam, Independence Day, World Environment Day, Teachers Day, Children’s Day, Republic Day, Iftar Meet, Ramzan Fest, Christmas etc are celebrated in the school in befitting manners and the house notice board are decorated and presented by the various houses in a competitive spirit etc, with matters related with such evenets.
When muslim students are provided with the best possible Madrasa Education in the school, the non – muslims are provided with Moral Science, and for which we have devised a new method of assessment. 70% of the total marks is given for theory examinations and the balance is given for their practical behavior, response, activities, conversation, actions and so on in and around school premises. Hence Moral Science will certainly look in to the real behavior and spiritual life of every child in a very systematic and logical manner.
New Academic session for Plus2 and class X, started on 3rd April, 2017. With a special prayer service with the students, parents and management committee members. Started to have Sports Practices in the evening from 3:45 to 4:30 pm.
On 8th April, Class X, had their last Public Examination and the students arranged a lunch for the teachers and students in the school. School came to be closed for Easter and Vishu holidays, W.E.F, 11/04 to 17/04, 2017. On 18th April, plus1 students gave a farewell party to Plus 2 students in the KG, Auditorium. Admission Test for new students was conducted on 24th April and the special holiday class for X and Plus2, got over.
From 25th April, school started to give uniforms etc for the needy students class by class. Interviews were conducted to recruit the new teachers to satisfy the school requirements etc from 8th May new adhoc committee from the Trust was made to manage the day today activities of the school, headed by CEO, Janab Mohammedkutty, Vice chairman Janab Abdullakutty Haji etc.
From 16th April, onwards, repair and re-painting of the main building of the school started and got it completed by 15th June 2018.
Faculty improvement and development Programme was started in the school by Leaders Mark, a UK based company, and the classes were taken by Adv.Navas, Mr.Anil Joseph etc and lasted for 5 days from 17th May 2017.
On 28th May, we received the class Plu2’s Public Exam result in which Anusree got full A+ in all subjects, 3 got 90% and above and 6 students got first class. Class X result of CBSE, Examination was declared on 3rd June and we got 13 Full A+, 14 Distinction and the remaining all in First Class and the result in general it was a very encouraging to all of us. Ayahs started to clean all the areas and the new academic year started 1st June 2017, with a special assembly for which even the management committee members were present and the classes were over by 11 am after dividing the children into four houses to foster a spirit of competition. Conducted a meeting of all the new KG, Parents meeting at 10:30am on 3rd June and convinced them about their duties and the policies of the school etc. Children’s village became lively with children and teachers on 7th June 2017 with a special.
Graduation Day was arranged here on 12th June, for which the former Chief Whip and MLA of Irinjalakude, Adv.Thomas Unniyadan was the chief guest and gave away the prizes, trophies etc and started plus1 classes on 19th June 2017. From 20th June, class wise parents meeting started with the teachers and elected the MPTA, Executive members from the various classes etc. From this academic year, we decided to work regularly on two Saturdays in every month to give more importance to academic needs and requirements of the students.
On 26th July, the Youth Festival started in the school, which was inaugurated by the Senior Police Officer, Mr.Jayakumar, who highlighted the importance of co-curricular and non-curricular activities in the school for the students etc. On 31st July, the first meeting of the newly formed MPTA Executive Committee was arranged in the school and Mr.Azad H, was elected as the new President of the MPTA, for the year 2017-18.
Teachers are frequently sent to attend faculty improvement programme conducted by CBSE’s panel of experts, without affecting the normal working of the school.
Other important programmes conducted in the school includes, a Medical Camp for the students by eminent doctors from Medical College, an integrated free Eye Camp by Angamaly Little Flower Hospital, Social cleaning of the surroundings by the MPTA, Executive committee members, Training programs for the Teachers, Students and Parents etc.
To improve the security of the students, staff and others coming to the institution CCE Camera, Surveillance for 24, hours was introduced with in the entire campus of the school which greatly improved the general discipline of the school to a great extent.
Our students did really work very hard and did nicely in ISTT, examination, state level youth festival and in the various sports and games competitions etc under the guidance of the effective teachers, parents and so on.
To make Albab really and institution fame, it has to become a centre of excellence, with more schemes like a modern play school, degree college, a good hostel, training centre for the parents etc.
The covetable progress and achievements of Albab is due to the timely and needed help form the loving and caring God, whose stock of everything will never get over. For God’s work done in the God’s way, will never lack God’s supply and hence I am sure, that our institution will become a centre of excellence, a model school and a light house of the world. If the school makes progress and achieves admirable accomplishments, it is due to the constant, untiring efforts, sacrifices and the works with the missionary spirit of the Trust Members of school, under the chairmanship of Janab Bava Darimi, Vice chairman P.B. Abdullakutty Haji, CEO P.S Mohammedkutty Haji, K.M.Asabulla Haji, General Secretary Janab Musthafa Saquafi, Treasurer of the Trust and Manager of the school Janab P.A.Sidhiq Haji and so on. Under the efficient, caring and timely supervision of them, I do hope and I am confident that the school will exceed the expectation of students, parents and teachers. The MPTA of the school led by young energetic leader Azad other member of the MPTA executive committee, other member of development council really support and help the progress of the institution in every respect. My folded hands before tham all for this untiring efforts for the institution’s pregress.
Myself is fully thrilled to thank my beloved, respected and committed teachers under the apt and firmly supervision of the leadership of the Vice Principal Smitha Shijil, Headmistress Sindhu Rajagopal and it is with the dedicated work with our vision and their mission with zeal, have made the school, to flower into its glory within a short span of 14 years. I really admire and appreciate the valuable service rendred by the administrative office led by Janab Yasir the new AM, the office staff headed by Mrs Saritha Manojkumar, all the drivers under the leadership of Mr.Sunny and Janab Majeed and all the Ayahs under the effective management of Latheefa etc.
I really admire the parents for their trust and co-operation given to me for the last thirteen years and fully appreciate my students for their good behavior, progress and decorum. I beseech God almighty to shower his abundant blessing on the students, my colleagues, teaching, non teaching and supporting staff, parents and well wishers.Gratitude is an attitude of the mind. It flows from the heart and I am really grateful to you all.
Our school is a child and Eco-friendly one which is trying to turn education in to a culture based working pattern which should be natural, interesting and inspiring activity for the children which is noted from the interest, vigour and dynamism of the students in and around the school. Hence the school has achieved many things, and many mile stones are still to be crossed. So we are going to strive to seek and not to yield and let us all join our hands to make our dreams come true, with the blessings from the Almighty God.
Success in the present competitive environment depends to a great extent on the quality of knowledge and how best it can be put into practical use. We have to improve our education system to better heights to meet the principle of “learning to live together”, which means trying to agreeing on common values and contents – at the same time, caring, sharing and networking of resources and expertise. The future belongs to those who are able to dream and to make their dreams come true. For the deeds of today were the dreams of yesterday and the dream of today will be the deeds of tomorrow. Let me conclude with the inspiring words of Vivekananda and I quote ‘Arise, awake, and sleep no more, within each one of you, there is power to reverse all wants and miseries……. You can do anything …….. faith, faith, faith in yourselves, faith, faith, faith in God, this is the secret of greatness’. Unquote, So we are going to strive to seek and not to yield and let us all join hands to make our dream come true, certainly with the blessings of the Almighty. Remember we cannot do great things, but we can go ordinary things in a Great Manners, which will make us successful people. Once again, with a “Big thanks” to each and every one of you, and thankfully expecting the same cordial co-operation that favored our yesterdays and todays and with all the best wishes and prayers.
I conclude my words ……..
Thank you and Jai Hind

Kattoor Sunnichen Mathew
23-01-2017 Principal