The school holds three mid-term, two terminal and the annual examination during the academic year with CCE, as directed by CBSE New Delhi.
For promotion, 30% weightage is given to the Terminal Examination, 20% to the Mid-Term and 50% to the annual examination to pass 40% in each subject is necessary.
Attendance, in all examinations and tests, including oral and practical, is compulsory for promotion to the next class.
Progress reports are presented to the parents after the semester examinations. Parents/guardians are requested to read these reports carefully, review the performance of the child/ward and interact with teachers and get their advice and suggestions on how best to improve the performance of their child/ward.
Albab Senior Secondary School follows the curriculum of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in the 10+2 pattern. Besides improving the ethical values among the children, moral science education is included in the school curriculum. The school received N.O.C from State Government and has composite affiliation from CBSE, New Delhi.