Annual Report



INSIGHT 2017,a Science cum SUPW Exhibition of Albab Central School, Kattoor was held on 31-01-2017. The inaugural session started at 10 AM with Fathiha by school leader Mohammed Jassim. The gathering was welcomed by the principal Mr.Sunnichen Mathew.The event was inaugurated by the chairman of Albab Educational Trust, Janab Bava Darimi by a colourful experiment of making Elephant’s Toothpaste.It was mind blowing inauguration.

All the students actively participated in the exhibition. Everything was arranged in various classrooms by the students under the supervision of concerned class teachers and assistant teachers.There was a wholehearted support from the parents to encourage the students.The whole day was volunteered by the MPTA Executive committee members of the school. The exhibition programme was concluded by 3.00 PM by expressing sincere heartfelt gratitude to everyone concerned.


The 68th Republic day celebration in the school started at sharp at 9.00 am in the presence of management members, principal,teachers and students.The programme started with official prayer which was followed by flag hoisting ceremony by principal Mr. Sunnichen Mathew.The school principal delivered a special message regarding the importance of the day.The programme continued with a speech from school head girl,Shehin .K.B. Master Hritik of class X took the national pledge for the day.The programme was concluded by Mrs.Haseena Jamal who delivered the vote of thanks to the gathering present there.
IAME THRISSUR ZONE ATHLETIC MEET 2016-17 IAME Thrissur zone Athletic meet was conducted on 3rd December 2016.The meet was hoisted by Mahmoodiya English School Perinjanam. Mr.Sunnichen Mathew,Principal of Albab inaugurated the event and received the "Guard of honour". Albab Central School became the overall champion of the meet.

IAME DISTRICT ARTS FEST (1-12-2016) IAME Kerala Sahodaya school complex Thrissur District Arts Fest 2016 was conducted at Albab Central School .More than 1000 students participated in 80 events of six categories. The Arts Fest was inaugurated by Mr.Abdul Rasheed(General convenor of IAME,Thrissur Zone).Mr.Sunnichen Mathew,Principal of Albab Central School delivered the welcome speech.The meeting was presided by Janab C.V.Musthafa Saquafi (IAME Thrissur District President).Mr.Muhammedkutty Haji (CEO,Albab Central School),Janab P.A.Siddique Haji(Manager,Albab Central School),Mr.T.S.Hameed(MPTA President,Albab Central School) were presented there.Awards were distributed by CEO of Albab Mr.Muhammedkutty Haji. General convener of IAME Mr.Abdul Rasheed and MPTA President of Albab Central School Mr.T.S.Hameed..Over all championship bagged by Albab Central School Kattoor. ANNUAL SPORTS MEET 2016 Annual sports meet was conducted on 15,16 Nov 2016. The programme was started with prayer by Master Mohammed Jassim.The inaugural address was given by Mr.Mohammedkutty Haji (CEO,Albab Central School).Principal Sunnichen Mathew delivered a speech about the importance of sports and games. Mrs.Ramya expressed the words of gratitude.


 Children’s day celebration(2016-17)

     The teachers and the students conducted several programmes on 14th November 2016 as a part of children’s day.We started the programme at 9.30 am with the school assembly.Selection of "Best Chachaji and Baby Queen" was conducted among the students of 1st and 2nd standard.Students of 3rd,4th and 5th got the chance  to make Nehruji’s cap and Rose flower.There was many group activities like kite making,preparation of vegetable, fruit salad and vegetable carving   . From the classes 9 to 12,there was a tough competition for "Children Prime Minister";.

                                           Afternoon, they got an informative class by Adv.Ramesh Koottala.He gave awareness about the rules and regulations which we have to follow.Anyway it was the day for the children.They came by the colour dress and enjoyed well in a disciplined manner.     


<>On 11th November 2016 ,an awareness class was conducted on the topic "discretion" against addiction of drugs,alcohol etc.It also was a discretion about the dignity of mother.The programme was inaugurated by the principal Mr.Sunnichen Mathew.The chief guests were artist Mr.Mahesh Chithravarnam,Mr.Philip Mampad,senior police officer of Malappuram and Mr.Thejas.There was a small exhibition of the artistic works of Mr.Mahesh Chithravarnam related to the topic"discretion".Every participant was really impressed with the class and they demanded the same class for other students and for the parents also.

Relief measures for Abhijith by the Nanma students  of Albab

    Abhijith a mentally retarded boy who is looked after by a very poor, and helpless father,who find it very difficult to buy even the medicines for  him, gets a relief for the time being by the  NANMA participants of Albab Central School.The students and the  staff made a collection  of money  and handed over the money to the relative of the boy, by the manager, Janab  Sidhique Haji, who received it from School leaders Shein .K.B  and Jassim K.J. The function was organized on 20th October 2016 by the Relief club of the school under the dynamic leadership of Mrs. Preethy Mohesh in which the following school authorities like General Secretary Janab. C.V.Musthafa Saquafi, Principal Sunnichen Mathew, MPTA President Hameed.T.A. and the student representative Sayana Shaju were present. They highlighted the importance of helping mentality of the student for the provision of relief to the poor and downtrodden people of the society.

ONAM & BAKRID CELEBRATION(9-9-2016) We had conducted the Onam and Bakrid celebration on Friday,9th september 2016.Janab C.V.Musthafa Saquafi,General Secretary of ACETdelivered the Onam and Bakrid message.Principal Mr.Sunnichen Mathew reminded the students about the real meaning of celebrations."Onasadhya" was arranged in their own class rooms by the students themselves.House wise Tug of war competition was also conducted during the day. TEACHERS’ DAY CELEBRATION(5-9-2016) Teachers’ day celebration was started at 3 o’clock in the K.G auditorium.The programme was organised by XI students.The school head girl Shehin.K.B had welcomed the teachers.Manager Janab Siddhique Haji, General secretary Janab c.v. Musthafa saquafi,Joint secretary Rafeeque Saquafi,principal Mr.Sunnichen Mathew and MPTA president Mr.T.S.Hameed felicitated in the function.Various kinds of entertainment programmes were conducted for the teachers.The students really showed their love and respect towards the teachers.Master Iliyas had expressed the words of gratitude.Vice principal Smitha teacher had given the words of appreciation for arranging such a wonderful programme for the teachers by the students. MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAMME FOR PARENTS A motivational programme for parents was held on 22nd August Monday at 10 AM at Albab Auditorium.The chief guest for the occasion was Mr.Sabith Ali,an international trainer from Wayanad. School head boy Master Jassim.K.J presented Fathiha which was followed by a welcome song by the school choir.Principal Mr.Sunnichen Mathew delivered the welcome note and introduced the trainer to the parents.Next the session started by Mr.Sabith Ali on the topic"parents the first teachers".The class was highly motivational and good.Then the general secretary of Albab Janab Musthafa Saquafi presented "An introduction of new software in Albab".Dignitaries from the side of management such as Janab Siddique Haji,the manager,Janab Abdullakutty Haji,the vice chairman and Muhammed Anifa master,the Jiont secretary also were present on the dias and they all shared their views and comments about the programme.Then MPTA President Mr.Hameed shared his ideas.The programme came to an end with the thanks giving note by Remmia Teacher and it was a memorable event for everyone in the Albab Family.


We celebrated the 70th Independence Day with its pride and glory. The manager of the school Janab P.A. Sidhiq Haji hoisted the National Flag. He reminded the students about the importance of the day. MPTA  President Mr. Hameed and  Joint secretary Rafeeque Saquafi delivered speech. For representing the teachers, Sabitha teacher and the newly elected school head girl Shehin.K.B. had given Independence day message. The school choir sang Patriotic song. The programme ended by the vote of thanks of Master Jassim. K.J., the school head boy. There was a friendly football match between class IX & X and XI & XII. 

SCHOOL ELECTION(10-8-2016) School election for Head boy and Head girl was conducted.Mohammed Jassim of XI and Shein.K.B of class XI were elected as Head boy and Head girl.


IAME Thrissur zone congratulated the students who attained great success in class X & XII Public examination and Madrassa Board examination of class VII,X & XII for 2015-16,in the presence of dignitaries and parents.It was conducted at ALBAB auditorium on 6th August 2016. Mr.Abdul Rasheed k.m(General Secretary IAME,TCR) delivered the welcome speech and was presided by Janab C.V.Musthafa Saquafi(President IAME TCR,Secretary ACET).Awards were distributed by Janab Bava Darimi(Chairman,ACET),Mr.Shameem(IAME State co-ordinator),Mr.Shajahan(Treasurer IAME,TCR),Mrs.Suma(Principal AES school),Mrs.Sabitha(Vice principal of IG school),Mr.Musthafa(principal of Ummarriya school),Mr.Said Mohammed(Manager of Madar school),Janab P.A.Siddique Haji(Manager of ACET),Mr.Sunnichen Mathew(principal Albab school),Rafeeq Saquafi(Joint secretary ,ACET) and Mahaboob Haji(Trust member of ACET).MPTA president Mr.T.S. Hameed and manager Janab P.A.Siddique Haji felicitated in the function.Mr.Sunnichen Mathew(convener and principal,Albab school)had expressed the words of gratitude.Thus the colourful day came to an end.


This year’s youth festival was really unique,as the entire programmes of the inaugural session was organised by the students themselves.It was started with Fathiha by Master Jassim.Master Mohammed Afsal welcomed gathering.The youth festival was officially inaugurated by the school leader Master Rizwin.Master Shabil Ibrahim had given a speech.Master Mohammed Shamil expressed the words of gratitude.Different competitions were conducted on five stages simultaneously on both the days.Students enthusiastically participated in the competitions and in that sense youth festival was really a colourful one.



In connection with Ramzan, the special supplement was released and given a copy each to all the students.In the function,the management and staff conveyed their best wishes and greetings of a happy  Eid ul Fitr to all.

K.G OPENING DAY(8th June 2016) Section was decorated and was glittering on the eve of the arrival of our K.G students on their first day.Before we begin our programme for the day,our U.K.G student Master Waseem Shah recited the Fathiha prayer to the almighty to shower the blessing on the students gathered, on the first day,the most important day of their school life.After that our K.G choir sang the prayer song.The blooming buds of Albab family was given a warm welcome by the school principal Mr.Sunnichen Mathew.Our U.K.G student Master Athif Rahman also welcomed the junior students through his welcome speech.Our General Secretary Janab c.v Musthafa Saquafi gave the "AKSHARA VIDYA" to new comers.Our Manger Janab P.A Siddique Hajji gave some important tips of teaching the students in a playing method.Mary teacher,Head of the K.G section and other teachers introduced themselves to the parents.After that teachers distributed sweets to all the students of K.G section. Finally the programme came to an end by the vote of thanks by U.K.G student Miss Misbha Mujesh.The school was dispersed at 11 o’clock.

GRADUATION CEREMONY   was conducted on June 8th 2016.Albab congratulated the students who attained  great success during last year in the presence of dignitaries and parents.Prof.K.U.Arunan (M.L.A of Irinjalakuda) inaugurated the programme.Janab C.V.Musthafa Saquafi presided the function.School principal Mr.Sunnichen Mathew delivered the welcome address. The students who got full A1,toppers of XII Commerce and Science,the students who performed well in the public examination and the teachers also were appreciated by the management. Prof.K.U.Arunan distributed the awards.M.P.T.A presidant MR.T.S.Hameed,Mrs.Betty .V.A,Miss Fabeeha and Miss Shehin felicitated.Vice principal Mrs.Smitha Shijil expressed the words of gratitude.

WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY CELEBRATION   2016  was conducted in school auditorium.It  started with Fathiha from Master.Shamil of class X.Principal Mr.Sunnichan Mathew delivered the welcome speech.General secretary  Janab c.v Musthafa Saquafi  gave the inaugural  address. There was a seminar on Environment day for the higher class students.It was done by Prof. M.Chandran,a member of Sasthra Sahithya Parishad,Kathakali club,Unnai warrier Kalanilayam,Nathopasana , a good orator,Social worker, a philosopher and a retired professor in mathematics from Christ college Irinjalakuda.The seminar was so good,for all the children acquired good knowledge about environment.The programme  ended up with a  vote of thanks from Mrs.Shasina Ayoob,the head of science Department. After the session Prof.Chandran planted a sapling in the school compound and all the children were given a sapling each to inculcate the values of environmental protection.

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